About Us

Mission Statement

Autoimmune diseases are characterized by the loss of mechanisms that normally hold the immune system in check. As a consequence, immune cells are aberrantly activated outside the context of infection in otherwise healthy patients. These active cells, once freed from the bonds of immunological regulation, attack host tissues indiscriminately. As a result, a panoply of potential symptoms can emerge, ranging from mild skin afflictions (e.g., dermatitis) to multiple organ failure and death.

Orpheus Bioscience, Inc. and its team of scientists are singularly dedicated to the development of novel treatments for autoimmune diseases. In pursuit of this goal, we have developed the PantId®, a protein-based therapeutic for the elimination of pathological immune cells and antibodies from patients. PantIds® are specifically designed for each autoimmune disease, resulting in a product with fewer adverse effects than conventional immunosuppressive therapeutics.


Orpheus is a privately held biotech company with research facilities in Northern Virginia, USA. Orpheus’ dedicated and experienced management and scientific team are committed to commercializing PantIds® for the treatment of autoimmune diseases. The PantId® technology, as well as related technologies, is protected by a patent regarding “composition” and “use.” This patent includes a novel mechanism of action, targeting autoreactive B cells that specifically react to patient-endogenous proteins, as well as several novel mechanisms for their elimination.

At a Glance

Foundation: 2016
Location: Manassas, VA.
Our Name: Our name is derived from Greek mythology and from the typical autoimmune disease representing an orphan indication.
Lead Indication: Immune-Related Adverse Events (IRAEs)
Area of Focus: Autoimmune diseases